IT Crowd & RubixLab Hackathon

A hackathon is a 2 day event in which around 30 software developers, entrepreneurs, students, corporates, mentors, field experts and other stakeholders try to come up with solutions for a pre-defined problem.

RubixLab, powered by IBM and its technology Bluemix, will host a hackathon in Bratislava on a topic – Smart Cities. Have an idea stuck in your head how to solve traffic jams? How to make the city flow more efficient? How to make city smarter? Want to meet creative and open-minded people and be part of the team that might become a startup? Who should join?

  • Everybody with a Smart City idea
  • Software developers
  • Designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Academics
  • Corporate people
  • Anybody with the right motivation